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Today I got up
Went to the cupboard
Looked at my gym clothes
And went back to bed.

I’m trying not to care if I’m one of the biggest in the recovery community, Im trying not to care if I don’t ‘eat clean’ like some people or don’t ‘exercise enough’ like others. A large part of my illness was driven by comparisons and I refuse to let my recovery be the same.

I am me.
Doing recovery by me.
And that’s ok.


to the yes of her youth by Margaret Orr, 2013. Digital art.

The artist included a poem:

perhaps it is to feel strike
by e e cummings

perhaps it is to feel strike
the silver fish of her nakedness
with fins sharply pleasant, my

youth has travelled toward her these years

or to snare the timid like
of her mind to my mind that i

am come by little countries to the yes

of her youth.
And if somebody hears
what i say—let him be pitiful:
because I’ve travelled all alone
through the forest of wonderful,
and that my feet have surely known
the furious ways and the peaceful,

and because she is beautiful

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